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Tile cleaning

Calcium build up can happen on any surface. At Avalon pools we use several different medias depending on the surface that we
are trying to clean. Some of the common surfaces are rock,glass tile, brick, stone walk ways and of course your standard tile.

We have highly qualified technicians that have done many pools with different surfaces that needed our service. We will come
out and discuss your particular needs and have you understand the process necessary to remove your pools calcium issues.

When we are done with the service you desire, we do a full clean up, reclaim our media and put it back on our trailer.
Once the clean up has been done we use a quality pool tile sealer and reseal the tile.

In my twenty year experience being in the pool industry, the leading cause of calcium build up is water chemistry.


Tile repair

Avalon Pools can use existing tile if all the tile is present and accounted for, or we can try to locate the same tile for you.
If that is not possible we can find a suitable tile for you that will blend and compliment the existing tile.

There are a number of reason that result in the tile needing to be repaired. Some of the reasons are, age of tile, failure of tile
adhesives, structure damage, water damage and settling of raised areas of tile are some of the most common reasons for tile needing to be

We are capable of locating most tile that exist in pools. In the case that the tile is not made anymore, we will discuss other
options with the customer and find a suitable tile that will work. We will bring out our catalog and samples for you to choose from.


Mastic/DECK-O-SEAL removal

The installation of mastic for the pool is to form a flexible joint between the coping and the deck. The main reason for 
masting on a new pool is to allow the pool to settle without damaging the coping and causing cracks in the deck. If the coping moves
it can also cause damage to the pool and tile.

Once the pool has settled it is not uncommon for the mastic to crack and separate as it is designed to do.This will
happen over years and have to be replaced on occasion.

We will come out and remove the old mastic, do a back fill on the voids left by the settling with a sand used for this process.
After the customer picks out the proper color of masting it will be replaced. This is a slow process that takes a steady hand.
After the masting has been replaced, we will put a sand coat on top of the mastic to give it the desired texture.The sand also helps
with the curing of the mastic.The mastic will be cured by the next day, and we will come out and clean up the excess sand.

Equipment Repair

Avalon pools can repair equipment that is repairable and give you estimates on equipment that needs to be replaced, But
at some point all equipment reaches that time in its life when it needs to be replaced.We replace assemblies as needed,i.e. pumps,
filters, heaters or we can do complete equipment replacement. At this point we can upgrade your old equipment to more energy efficient

Monthly Maintenance

Avalon pools will come out and talk to you and see what service you desire for your pool, no matter if you have a saltwater
system or a chlorinated pool. Our goal is to have you enjoy your pool without any worries. With twenty years experience in the industry
we can find a service suitable for your pool needs.
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